A 360-degree view can prevent costly blind-spots and ball-parks

To be effective, there can be no blind spots in quantity takeoff, no addition of a “ball park” number to cover an unknown. Indeed, the most powerful technologies act in real-time based on estimator knowledge and context.

Unfortunately, most solutions today still use old batch file input – you input your takeoff blind, without any knowledge of how many hours and dollars are going into your bid. That’s a major flaw. To be effective, you must be absolutely certain you know – not guess – how each individual item is priced and labored. Only QuoteSoft allows you to do that.

QuoteSoft Pipe Real Time Data
QuoteSoft Pipe Real Time Data

QuoteSoft “Real Time Data” is meant to provide data to facilitate a successful decision, thereby reducing the amount of stress, guesswork, and time it takes to develop an estimate.

Dynamic Customization: You should only consider solutions that actively and proactively address each item based on a unique set of factors – who, what, when, where, why and how – in actual real time. Which means, if you aren’t rapidly upgrading your bidding capabilities, your competition will be more than happy to beat you to the punch.

A 5% increase in accuracy can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

These days, choosing a mechanical estimating system is about more than takeoff itself– To be “in the now” with your bids, you have to keep the data in the forefront of your mind, and to do that, you have to provide a real time data experience to estimators.

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