Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions for Remote Data.

Find out how QuoteSoft Mobile Solutions can help solve your specific jobsite needs.  In your projects, changes can happen fast, and tracking and integrating paper-based documentation can be a challenge. With your project team working on the road, the reality is data stuck in trucks and trailers.

With QuoteSoft Mobile Solutions, you can minimize delays and reduce conflicts by entering data in real time, closely monitoring project changes, and providing instant availability of your labor and material costs to project managers and estimators.

The bottom line. QuoteSoft Mobile Takeoff lets you add lists of pipe, ductwork, fittings and accessories in the field and have them instantly show up in your office. No more faxing, box tops, of calling the list in.

iQduct Cloud Takeoff:

iQduct takeoff allows you to generate ductwork takeoffs straight from your phone, laptop, or tablet. We support iPhone,iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones and tablets with our cloud takeoff software.

No monthly charges.
No per user fees.
No per pound fees.
No contract.
Works with the systems and programs you already use…

And it’s free. 

iQduct solves the problem of getting lists of ductwork and job items from one person to another, making collaboration easier and improving communication across the entire project team.

  • Use it to do remote takeoff.
  • Use it to estimate with excel based formulas.
  • Use it to estimate with QuoteSoft.
  • Use it order spiral pipe and fittings form your fabricator.
  • Use it to order duct from the field.
  • Use it to track duct installed each day.


Eliminates hand sketched, faxed, and paper job orders.
Allows 24 / 7 access to orders and estimates.
Send to any ductwork fabricator by email or cloud using
Reduce ordering errors between office, field, and shop.
Standardize dimensions of all fittings.
Orders and bids can be placed in real time, from any location.
No continuous internet connection required.
Not limited by speed of internet connection to cloud.

Produces standard Microsoft Excel files of ductwork, spiral pipe, fittings and accessories.