Training Options

Most estimators don’t have time to spend weeks learning a new software system. Over 80% of all QuoteSoft users are trained using web  and phone -based training, which is included with your purchase.

For those with more extensive or unique set up needs, or a large number of estimators and project managers to train, we offer in depth custom or classroom-style training. We can show you how start customizing your system set up your files, and use the system. 90% of our in-person training’s last no longer than 3 days, customization’s last a lifetime.  Our programmers and techs have years of experience in the industry as well as training.

View training options and CALL 800-813-7020 to request a training quote!

Internet Training
Easiest to schedule, easiest on your budget. We can connect to your computer over the Internet, and train you right on your own station while we work with you over the phone. Work in convenient 1.5 hour blocks on subjects of your choosing. There is NO CHARGE (with current Technical Support). Call 541-684-4665 to schedule now!

It’s All About People

Estimators can’t wait. Quotesoft has eleven (11) customer support people and trainers. When someone calls Quotesoft, and over half of the time immediately gets through to a human, with no voice mail or messages taken, and when that person turns out to be nice and friendly and actually solves their problem, they’re apt to think even more highly of us than someone who never had the opportunity to interact with us and just assumes that we have the typical off-shore / outsourced support. Our customers know that when they contact us, they will be speaking to a competent individual who can solve their problem. Our staff is largely made up of former Sheet Metal, Piping and Plumbing workers and estimators. And the other 50% of the time, we call you back in less than 20 minutes during business hours.

It’s All About Scheduling

Scheduling calls is an integral part of our efforts to provide remarkable customer service and works very well in supporting our highly technical trade products. Because our trainers, programmers and support engineers are protected from immediate interruptions when calls come in, they are in a much better position to serve the customer when they get on the phone.

Virtual Classroom Training
A more formal, Internet-based, one-on-one classroom. Reserve a half-day or full-day of formal training, without any travel time or travel costs.

Classroom TrainingDSCN3487 A small group classroom (typically between 6 and 10 attendees), covering Sheet Metal or Piping from basic to intermediate. Requires travel to classroom location.

Classroom Trainer Josh ChambersOff-Site Single Company Training
One-on-one training for a single company at our Eugene Corporate facility or at a hotel location. Focus on the areas that YOUR team is most interested in.

QuoteSoft Consulting
In depth setup for your company. Remote assistance with your pressure files, labor files, assemblies, database, Microsoft Excel, equipment catalog, etc. Call for a time estimate and proposal.

Forms and Agendas
Click for registration forms and agendas:

January 2018 Classroom Registration

March 2018 Classroom Registration

Call for next scheduled classroom dates and sites. 800-813-7020 ext 204

Piping Agenda: Piping Classroom Agenda

Sheet Metal Agenda: Sheetmetal Classroom Agenda