FabShop Custom HVAC Software


QuoteSoft FabShop is a custom software solution designed for manufacturers of sheet metal ductwork, spiral pipe, and fittings for the HVAC industry. Adaptable for your company needs to produce and track quotations for rectangular, spiral, and oval duct fittings and accessories for complete and accurate quotations.

Preparing accurate takeoffs requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, formulas, materials, specifications, labor rates, and factors. Finding people with the right skills is not easy. QuoteSoft offers an alternative. By customizing QuoteSoft with the knowledge of your estimators into company-standard data tables, takeoff can be done by part time or entry level estimators and or project managers and your staff can focus on working the crucial takeoffs that will ensure winning profitable jobs and improving the bottom line.

  1. Input rectangular, round, and oval ductwork, pipe and fittings.FabShop Custom Estimating Software
  2. Connects to AutoCAD & Revit to import duct, spiral pipe and fittings.
  3. Downloads to your Plasma for automatic fitting input.
  4. Links to your accounting software for invoicing and project planning.
  5. On-Screen input of PDF files for stripping drawings.
  6. QuoteSoft contractors can send you jobs with buyduct.com

Get Started Right Away

With our phone and web set up and customization of your software is included to get you up and running. Our training and implementation is the best in the business.

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Why FabShop?

QuoteSoft FabShopweb and mobile data, CAD, cloud upload, download integration. The application includes automatic scaling, PDF and CAD file integration, and Excel integration, mobile device takeoffs, visual assemblies, and digitizer integration. QuoteSoft FabShop software has broad custom integration capabilities and is able to transfer data to BIM, Plasma, Sage Timberline, Viewpoint, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, and Excel and many others. We customize QuoteSoft to fit into your workflow.

FabShop allows you to enter over 1000 items of ductwork an hour.
FabShop allows you to enter and markup from a PDF drawing or paper plan.
FabShop allows you to download to your custom plasma cutter.
FabShop reads AutoCAD  BIM files for automatic estimates.

Make Informed Decisions

Remove the guesswork from your sales performance. FabShop’s standard administrator reports help you accurately measure estimator and customer performance data.

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The Fabshop Windows client is installed at the contractor’s site. The contractor simply does the takeoff with Fabshop client, then sends the information to your Fabshop server for automatic quote generation. FabShop can either automatically return a quote to the customer by e-mail or fax or notify a salesman that a quote has been processed.

FabShop client software users simply point and click to input ductwork, fittings, and accessories. Users can easily integrate Fabshop information into their workflow to streamline their estimating processes.

Call 541-600-3030 or click below for more information or a demonstration of QuoteSoft!