QuoteSoft Piping Patch Notes

Piping Patch Release 4.1r1.5919 – r13563

Enhancements and Modifications

  • OST Options has been changed to Scaling Options to eliminate confusing them with Onscreen Options located in the Setup Menu
  • Takeoff> Help Menu> Submit a ticket: now requires a user message. Please describe the issue/request to aid us in your inquiry
  • Added ability to paste into an Assembly. Copy items on the plan file or in the Audit Trail, edit the Assembly, right click in the Assembly Audit Trail and choose paste
  • Added ability to push items to an Assembly. Select them on the plan file or in the Audit Trail, right click, Add to Assembly
  • To end auto pipe run with Pipe only, hold shift while left clicking last point on plan file
  • Creating New Zone, plan file is now a drop down menu showing all files in Attachments
  • Added Quantity and Length in Metric to the Audit Trail. Click the Field Chooser button to find them and add them to your Audit Trail
  • Ability to export Audit Trail to excel is now located under the Edit menu in Takeoff
  • Annotation color has been added to the Audit Trail. Click the Field Chooser button to find the column and add it to your Audit Trail. You can use the filter option at the top of the column to only show your desired color on the plan file
  • Setup menu> Onscreen Options> Labels section: ability to uncheck labels for Job Items, Assemblies, or Vertical Pipe
  • While in Takeoff CRTL + N to create new zone
  • While in Takeoff CRTL + E to edit zone
  • Focus is now set to Feet when you click Vertical Pipe. This will help with those that use X-Keys Macro Keyboards and have Vertical Pipe programmed as a button

Defects and Corrections

  • Takeoff would always restore to primary monitor when maximized. Now it will store which monitor it is on when closed.
  • Copy and paste with CRTL + C and CRTL + V could fail if Audit Trail was selected between copy and paste.
  • Error copying a zone in Pipe Legacy from one job to another.
  • Error creating second zone in Pipe Legacy if first zone was created using Advanced Takeoff.
  • After selecting annotations in onscreen, then closing takeoff, the selection or highlight color would get saved as a border on the annotations.
  • Selecting items, copying them, then pasting would keep the selection or highlight color permanently on the annotation.
  • Assemblies created in Takeoff were getting created as Zone Spec no matter your choice. This would lead to errors importing them to next job.
  • Auto Save could get triggered more than once if the threshold was set too low (ie; 5 items, then rapid drop of items). We have reprogrammed it to never allow more than one Save at a time.
  • Clicking New Job Item then Cancel would result in an error.
  • Using Paste Into feature, but changing the plan file would introduce errors. Changing the plan file while choosing Paste Into has been disabled. It is recommended to create the zone first.
  • Right clicking on a Job Item or Assembly would lose the selection color.
  • Vertical Pipe pop up window had extra __ before and after the value. These have been removed.

Previous Updates

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