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QuoteSoft, mechanical estimating and BIM estimating-related software and services.

Development of QuoteSoft’s first product, QuoteExpress an estimating system for HVAC, began in 1991 and was released commercially in 1994. This first product was developed by an estimator from a family-owned sheet metal shop, who knew there had to be a “better way to bid.” At the same time he also vowed that his customers would not have to deal with the two biggest issues in the industry – long wait times for technical support personnel, who didn’t have construction industry experience and a “one size fits all” approach to software.

With the success of this product, QuoteSoft rebuilt the original software for Windows 95 and released a networkable code base for Windows, QuoteSoft SheetMetal. Quote Software then added experts in the Mechanical / Piping industries who began the development of QuoteSoft Piping, which was released several years later. We also began ensuring that this product had the capability to be the best tool for specialized industries such as Refrigeration, Waste Water, High Purity, etc.

We develop a relationship with our customers to drive the development of our software. Our programming is driven by customer needs and requests. No two QuoteSoft customers have exactly the same solution, because no two shops are exactly alike. QuoteSoft is pushing estimating technology ahead to a new level, using industry experts in HVAC ductwork estimating & Piping estimating (including plumbing estimating, refrigeration estimating, and other mechanical trades) and software engineering to developing the software in accordance with each individual customers need in mind.


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