Piping FAQ

Q. My program is warning me that my security key could not be found.

The QuoteSoft Piping program uses specific fonts to show fractions (¼, ½, ¾). If you have a workstation unable to view these fonts please click the link below, save the file, open the ZIP file and run the installer.

Express Piping Fonts Installer

After clicking the above link choose to run or open the file. Once the download is completed the ZIP file will open. Double click to run the Piping_Fonts.exe installer.

The installer will place the following fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts directory…

**UPDATED – Added to the latest version of the Express Piping system (v. 2.5R8) is an option to disable the font fractions. Instead of using the symbol for ¼ the report will show 1/4. Upon running your excel report check the box to disable the fonts and your report will show simple fractions. See image below.

If you would like to set this option as the default, return to the MainMenu and open Configuration. Go to the System Tab and check the box that will default the export to simple fractions. See image below.

How do I get PHCC Labor into QuoteSoft?

There are two ways of getting the PHCC labor values in QuoteSoft!

  1. Purchase directly from PHCC web store.


PHCC Labor Unit Database for QuoteSoft Users

PHCC Labor Units Database for QuoteSoft – Member $199.00

PHCC Labor Units Database for QuoteSoft – Non Member $349.00

  1. CINX In-depth material pricing + PHCC Labor Unit Database:

PHCC has partnered with Harrison Publishing House’s CINX platform to provide a comprehensive plumbing and piping database for accurate, in-depth material pricing to create your own pricing workbook.

Add PHCC Labor Units with CINX – Non Member Renewal $199.00

Add PHCC Labor Units with CINX – Non Member $349.00

http://partners.cinx.com/cinx-and-quotesoft.html  OR CALL 800-533-7694 FOR YOUR 30-DAY TRIAL OF CINX*

Please notify QuoteSoft support at 458-207-0551 after purchase and we will unlock and train you on the PHCC labor!

If you have any issues or questions feel free to call Technical Support at 541-684-4665 for assistance.