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Standardized Takeoffs – FASTER:

QuoRep Takeoff SOFTWAREteSoft REP Takeoff can increase your bid volume while improving your takeoff accuracy. All PDF takeoff software can count items and measure lengths: QuoteSoft REP Takeoff also has innovative features that also save time in other ways while working with quotes for contractors.

Preparing accurate takeoffs can require a tremendous amount of knowledge, finding people with the right skills is not easy. QuoteSoft REP offers an alternative. By customizing QuoteSoft REP with the knowledge of your product lines into company-standard data tables, takeoff can be done by new estimators and reps and your senior staff can focus on working the crucial takeoffs that will ensure winning profitable jobs and improving the bottom line.

Built around our easy to use, SQL database with capabilities for product picturesPDF Takeoff Software Demo and custom data fields. Automatically mark-up electronic plan files: from PDF, .tiff, .jpg, or any electronic plan files. We walk you through a comprehensive process to design and implement a custom solution to fit your specific needs.  Over the phone and over the web our techs work with you to refine your takeoff process.

Designed around the needs of manufactures and reps for construction industries including Dampers, Valves, Flanges, Fixtures, Equipment, Grills, Diffusers, Sound Traps, Flex ducts, Flue Piping, Balancing, and any type of Pipe and Duct Accessories and many more. With our screen-driven takeoff you simply select the item, and automatically the appropriate sizes are immediately ready to be input, right down to the specific manufacturer. QuoteSoft allows you to select any itemQuiteSoft - Rep Takeoff SOFTWARE from the entire database at any time. Tree-view input and bookmarks are available to make it easy to select any item at any time.

Accurate takeoff can be a daunting task. Luckily, programs like Microsoft Excel can make adding up your material simple. While Excel can input a simple takeoff, it can’t automatically arrange items into groups and series for a streamlined takeoff of like items and standardized options. With just a few clicks QuoteSoft sends a complete marked up into your Excel sheet with all your details like size, product id, type, material, and even color of item included. Whether you’re using Excel spreadsheets, another takeoff program, or preparing estimates by hand, you’ll find QuoteSoft Rep Takeoff software easy to use. QuoteSoft REP Customer file keeps your plans and takeoff data together in one standardized place. Suddenly, takeoff and reporting becomes faster and even easier for everyone, because everyone is on the same page. So, keep Excel for its strength — flexibility— and let QuoteSoft REP take the wild west out of the takeoff.

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Features That Save You Time. Bid more jobs with and reduce manual entry mistakes with QuoteSoft REP Takeoff.

All PDF takeoff systems can count items and measure lengths: QuoteSoft REP Takeoff also has innovative features that also save time in other ways while working with quotes for contractors.

Customer File Folders:
Automatically sorts and tracks bids to each customer.Rep Takeoff Bidding SOFTWARE
Stores PDF’s and project documents with job.
Adds Customer name and contact info to all reports automatically.
Documents who input and when each item is modified for complete accountability.
Bid calendar integrates to Outlook or Gmail calendars.
Customer link to ordering and accounting systems.
SQL database:
The Microsoft SQL Server database engine is the worldwide standard.
Built in user levels limit access to make database changes.
Multi-user access to your jobs and customers.
Catalog Kits:
Save commonly used items to a catalog and use them again in future bids.Rep Takeoff Bidding SOFTWARE
Add multiple items with a single click.
Exports to your workflow.
ERP, MRP, Accounting programs, Excel, Access.
Custom Exports
Reporting – Go Paperless:
Spend less time on printing and more time working on a takeoff.
Cost code and report quantities in sorted in real-time during takeoff.

Our standard reports and spreadsheets includes audit trail, group list, and bid summary. Output your material takeoff to your custom Excel summary.

Interoperability: Integrate your estimating system with cloud and back-office operations. (MRP, ERP, Accounting) Integrated export module includes customizable CSV, .XML, .XLS, .TXT


QuoteSoft Rep Software can be installed on as many computers as you need and automatically keep track of the number of users and jobs through the company network. QuoteSoft software is scalable: it can grow with your company. You can purchase multiple stations for additional estimators to use the software simultaneously. Our software can scale from a single computer, to dozens of computers in a network and still make it easy for you to bid your jobs, and share the job and bid information throughout the company.

What’s Included

  • One year QuoteSoft basic software maintenance subscription.
  • One-year technical support and training subscription.
  • Design and implement program specifications customized to your requirements.
  • QuoteSoft pre-loaded labor, optional MCAA labor tables.
  • Standard reports plus custom report generator.
  • Excel export generator with customizable summaries and reports.

Technical Support

QuoteSoft offers LIVE support and training 10 hours a day, Monday thru Friday. Over half of our supports call are handled instantly – when you need it. During peak hours, our call queue is short – usually just minutes to have your questions answered. Our support and training personnel come for the industry. Former pipe fitters, sheet metal men and plumbers, as well as computer techs are on-call to answer you estimating questions. Learn more about or support services including BIM data migration, file type conversion, job data storage, average hour cost consulting, labor analysis and normalization using QuoteSoft server cloud drives.

All QuoteSoft programs include one year of unlimited phone training and software setup plus one year of technical support and basic program maintenance updates.

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