BIM Estimating Software

Import your Revit or Autodesk Fabrication CADmep drawing (pipe, duct, ftgs, vlvs, etc) into QuoteSoft BIM Estimating Software for auto-generated takeoffs.  Estimate in minutes what used to take you days.

QuoteSoft wins BIM award!QuoteSoft Estimating for auto-generated takeoffs
2017 Constructech Vision Award
Specialty Contractor: Piping, Plumbing, HVAC
Gold Award: QuoteSoft

REVIT Model-Based Takeoff

QuoteSoft REVIT Plug-In lets you extract duct, pipe and fitting data directly from REVIT.

QuoteSoft BIM-Connect extracts quantities of pipe, duct, & fittings in seconds based on the most accurate, up-to-date data in your AutoCAD or REVIT model.

Find out:

  • The basics of how QuoteSoft MBE works.
  • Why all contractors need MBE.
  • How MBE can boost profits.
  • How you can work with one data set, from estimate to punch-list.
  • Where to get more information on QuoteSoft MBE.

QuoteSoft BIM-Connect for Autodesk Fabrication

QuoteSoft imports and exports labor hour and material cost data from and to your AutoCAD or Revit MEP model.  Only QuoteSoft gives you complete control over the BIM process by making the AutoCAD or Revit MEP model data-rich, with labor hours and material costs so you’re ready for additional BIM functions including scheduling, sequencing, prefabrication, cost analysis, and installation. QuoteSoft CAD-Connect can import from all Autodesk and third-party CAD software like EastCoast, CAMDuct, CADmep, SDS, MAP, and Drawtech.

Choosing the right tool for the job = QuoteSoft BIM-Connect

QuoteSoft Estimating for auto-generated takeoffs

Key Features

  • Imports and Exports to standard AutoCAD XML BIM data format.
  • Plumbing, Piping and Sheet Metal
  • Automatically converts data into standard QuoteSoft files.
  • Ability to apply labor adjustment factors for floor / height / etc.
  • Outputs labor and material data to QuoteSoft Crystal Reports.
  • Outputs labor and material data to QuoteSoft Microsoft Excel Reports.

Call 541-600-3030 today for more information on how QuoteSoft Pipe and Duct can help you solve your BIM compliance and automatically generate labor and material costs from AutoCAD and Revit.

Thousands of estimators use QuoteSoft to build estimates, support their businesses, and work together on projects all over North America.
QuoteSoft simplifies the way your team works.

Encourage teamwork:

Your estimators and sketchers can adopt a workflow that helps them communicate, give feedback, and produce quotes faster.

Secure Collaboration:

Encourage estimators and sketchers to collaborate, while providing essential confidentiality for labor and material data. You can keep your work private, or share it back to the model.

One data set, from start to finish:

With dozens of integrations, QuoteSoft is flexible enough to work with your process. Most contractors have to work in different BIM environments selected by the owner, architect, or general contractor of each project underway. Do you have an existing CAD solution?  QuoteSoft has custom solutions for all Autodesk based CAD and BIM solutions.


What’s the next step?

To further understand BIM and how QuoteSoft integrates the process for you, please call to schedule a web demo with your area’s QuoteSoft Rep.

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QuoteSoft Estimating for auto-generated takeoffs