License Types

Full Network License

QuoteSoft is networkable.

QuoteSoft data files exist on a network file server:

A single license can be installed on many computers and automatically shared between users over a network.

Additional licenses  can be purchased so many users can work in QuoteSoft concurrently.

Typically 4 users – can share 3 licenses of QuoteSoft.

Full Network License Advantages: Users access the same cost, labor set-up, and job file data and share the same jobs and reports. QuoteSoft is designed for single or multi-user network environments.   Maintenance of the labor and material cost are centralized on the file server.

QuoteSoft can connect to remote users over the “Cloud” .

QuoteSoft can connect to AutoCAD and Revit BIM databases and import lists of duct, pipe, valves, equipment, and fittings.


Single Computer License (LT)

QuoteSoft LT files exist on a single computer:


Like a desktop  /  or a laptop

LT is designed for smaller contractors – single user installations, or a remote job site location.


LT is not networkable.  LT can be installed on several computers – but only used on one computer at a time by moving the USB license key physically.

Each LT user has their own labor and cost database. Each LT user has a separate job file.

LT Jobs can be exported and emailed to a different user.

LT can not connect to an AutoCAD, Revit or BIM database for automatic estimates.

For more information about QuoteSoft and our estimating licenses contact sales at: