iQduct HD solves the problem of getting lists of ductwork and job items from one person to another,
making collaboration easier and improving communication across the entire project team.

iQductHD User Guide 2013   Click Here

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No monthly charges.
No per user fees.
No per pound fees.
No contract.
Works with the systems and programs you already use.

iQduct HD

  • Use it to do remote takeoff.
  • Use it to estimate with excel based formulas.
  • Use it to estimate with QuoteSoft.
  • Use it order spiral pipe and fittings form your fabricator.
  • Use it to order duct from the field.
  • Use it to track duct installed each day.
  • Use it to order sandwiches’ for lunch.

Call 800-813-7020 for help or more information about using iQduct for generating ductwork takeoffs straight
from your phone, laptop, or tablet and importing them into QuoteSoft or FABshop estimating for automatic
labor and material quotes.

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We support Windows XP,Vista,7,8, iPhone,iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones
and tablets with our cloud takeoff software.

Export direct to Excel coming in Version 2.0!

Download 2013 RECT MAP PDF

Download 2013 QXP RND MAP  PDF