QuoteSoft Announces Revit Plug-In for MODEL-BASED TAKEOFF

QuoteSoft REVIT Plug-In lets you extract duct, pipe and fitting data directly from Revit.

Automatically exports all plumbing, piping, ductwork, fittings, accessories and mechanical equipment.
Apply labor adjustment factors for floor / height / etc. Outputs labor and material data to Microsoft Excel Reports.

QuoteSoft offers specification driven estimating solutions with integrated PDF takeoff, designed to meet the needs on Pipe, Plumbing, and Duct contractors to help them bid more in less time, win more work, and complete projects more profitably.

These enhancements have been developed based on user feedback and advice to provide mechanical and ductwork contractors with exceptional value.

– See more at: https://quotesoft.wpengine.com/products/bim-autocad/


QuoteSoft is a privately-held Eugene, Oregon based custom software company focused primarily on pipe and ductwork estimating and BIM estimating-related software and services.

QuoteSoft’s programming is driven by customer needs and requests. No two QuoteSoft customers have exactly the same solution, because no two shops are exactly alike. QuoteSoft is pushing estimating technology ahead to a new level, using industry experts in HVAC ductwork estimating & Piping estimating (including plumbing estimating, refrigeration estimating, and other mechanical trades) and software engineering to developing the software in accordance with each individual customers need in mind.