Training the Trainers

In an attempt to get everyone on the same page we have put together this website to assist everyone in learning how we want the Duct/SheetMetal program presented to the users.

This format is for everyone to conform to. We would like the new and experienced trainers to begin using this format and methods. Please review the videos below and send all feedback to Matt Long.


Step 1. Getting Started – VIDEO LINK

A. Adding New Users
B. Customer Help Bar on Main Menu
C. Review Setup Info
D. Basic Onscreen Takeoff
E. Export to FES
Training Documents Download

Step 2. Setting Up – VIDEO LINK

A. Data File Pressure File Relationship
B. Data File Walk Through
C. Pressure File Walk Through
D. Accessory File Walk Through
E. Catalog Walk Through

Step 3. Tips and Tricks – VIDEO LINK

A. Converting Plan Files & Document Management
B. Using the Global Wizard
C. Copy and Paste
D. Default Colors by System
E. Create New and Clone Zone

Step 4. Reporting Options – VIDEO LINK

A. Top 3 Crystal Reports
B. Understanding the FES
C. Customizing the FES
D. Building Formulas
E. Using the Pivot Table

Step 5. Labor and Setup Evaluation – VIDEO LINK

A. Understanding Labor Calculations
B. Evaluating Labor Hours
C. Making Adjustments
D. Qualifying Duct Standards
E. Backing Up Datafiles

Step 6. Advanced Takeoff – VIDEO LINK

A. Assemblies
B. Zone Layer Tool
C. Related Zones
D. Compare Plan Files
E. Save Plan File Image