QuoteSoft TEC Conference Survey

We’d like to thank you for attending the QuoteSoft Users Conference. We hope that you feel your time was well spent, and that you came away with information to help improve your company’s use of QuoteSoft Estimating.

Here’s a great tip shared at the Conference: Make it a goal to implement at least 3-4 of the features. Write down those 3-4 features and schedule a calendar event to implement at least one of them in the next two weeks, then schedule the next one, etc. By the end of the year, you can review your goal and see if you reached it. Our tech support staff is available to answer any questions about these features if you need clarification or help with implementation.

Thanks again for your time. We hope to hear from you soon and see you again at next year’s conference, if not sooner.

Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to help us do better each year.

Kerry Brainard – President and CEO
Bret Jenkins – VP Sales
Brian Saylor – Training and Support
Josh Chambers – Training and Support
Matthew Long – Product Manager
Chris Blair – Lead Developer

QuoteSoft TEC Survey

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